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 Posting Guidelines

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PostSubject: Posting Guidelines   Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:17 am

Posting guidelines

Use the Search function to see if a thread already exists for your desired topic, before starting a new thread.

When starting new threads, post in the appropriate forum. Moderators will move your thread if it belongs in another forum.

New threads should have a title that reflects its content or purpose. While a large margin exists for humourous or thought-provoking titles, misleading or confusing thread titles may be edited.

If your thread contains material or links to material that a reasonable person may find objectionable (including disturbing or sexually explicit imagery), include a "not safe for work" (or NSFW) warning in your thread title.

Threads containing information that some members may prefer not to know, for example film or literature "spoilers", should include a "spoiler" warning in the title.

Existing members are welcome to promote events and services they think may be of interest to the Forum membership in the relevant forum. This can include, but is not limited to, club nights, gigs for local and touring artists, art and photo exhibitions, radio and television programs, printed materials and relevant services.

Check your posts to make sure they make some kind of sense as dictated by the rules of the English language.

If you must distribute large images or include many images at a time, use an image hosting site (such as imageshack), and post a URL to the images instead. Moderators may resize large images or convert images to links if they think the size is excessive.

Where appropriate, use emoticons and 'actions' to add clarity to your expressions and statements.

When quoting a previous post, edit the quote so other members know the thought to which you are responding, and remove images to avoid duplicate images in the same thread.

If your posts in a particular thread are beginning to stray off-topic and more closely resembles a conversation, consider taking the discussion to MSN or a more suitable channel of communication.

Don't post exclusively in uppercase letters or so called l33t speak. The former is considered rude, and the latter will give an impression of immaturity and negate any worthwhile opinions you may have.

Thread modification including post closing and deletion

There are a few reasons why threads/posts are closed, removed, or edited.

1. It was spam.

Spam is considered to be any self-promotional post made by a new member. This includes links to other "goth" forums (including "social networking" sites). If you have nothing to contribute to the Forum except a link to another site, do not expect a favourable welcome. Threads will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and some self-promotional posts may be allowed to stay if they are deemed to have significant relevance to the forum membership. However, posts that have obviously been submitted to a number of different internet forums are especially likely to be removed.

2. It was considered of little or no relevance to the Forum membership

Threads should encourage discussion from all forum members. Threads that are little more than diary entries will be removed. Do not post threads to communicate with just one or more of your friends; if you need to contact particular forum members, send them a PM or an email. Anything not relevant to TLG (The Looking Glass) is considered spam and will be removed.

3. It was aggressive or overly personal

The Forum is not a place for members to air dirty laundry and engage one another in measurement competitions. Threads and posts promoting anti-social behaviour will be removed, and members that can't help but engage in immature and petty bitch-fights will be banned.

4. It was offensive or defamatory

This is not the place to be racist, sexist or display any other form of discrimination. We recognise that humour, sarcasm and cynicism has its place amongst an alternative majority - racism and bigotry does not. Repeat offenders will be warned, then banned.

5. It promoted illegal activity

Threads and posts discussing and or promoting illegal activities including, but not limited to, the possession, procurement and consumption of drugs, trading of illegally obtained goods, and other such criminal activity, will be removed.

6. It was a duplicate

New threads that duplicate an existing topic will be removed (or merged with the existing thread if discussion has already taken place in the new thread). Duplicate posts will be removed - if you want to promote something, post one thread with the pertinent details in the most appropriate forum.

Limits of responsibility

The Forum membership is diverse, and members can offer advice on many topics. However, any information or advice provided should be taken as a guideline only. In particular, members contributing to discussions about medical conditions are most likely recounting their own experiences and other members should obtain proper professional treatment if their condition warrants it. The Forum will not be held responsible for any outcome reached as a result of following advice posted by any member.

The Forum will not be held responsible for any advertised product, service or event. Members transact with advertisers at their own risk, and the Forum will not be liable for any resultant grievances, including, but not limited to, inaccurate description of goods or services, non-delivery of goods or poor quality.

The Forum will not be held responsible for the actions of any forum member transacting with advertisers, including but not limited to, non-payment or non-collection of goods or services.

The Forum discourages members from disclosing their own personal information in any post. This includes, but is not limited to, home, mobile or work phone numbers, home or work addresses, or private email addresses. Members posting this information do so at their own risk. Remember that although members must create an account in order to post on the forum, anyone is able to read it. If you want forum members to contact you, consider asking interested parties to contact you via PM instead.

No warranty is made as to the permanence of any content stored on the Forum as part of your account. This includes post content, PM messages and hosted images. They may be deleted at any time if deemed necessary by the administrators as part of forum maintenance. In particular, PM messages should not be seen as a substitute for a proper email account. Do not rely on PMs for storing important information or contact details.

Although care is taken to ensure objectionable material is adequately labeled, the Forum is not responsible for the content on any external websites or the consequences of viewing such content, even if accessed via a link from this Forum.

These guidelines exist to make the Forum a comfortable and enjoyable place for all members to visit. Members that can not or will not abide by these guidelines should look elsewhere for entertainment. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a warning, and if repeated, you being banned from the Forum. Note that the IP address of all forum members is logged - just because no one recognises your user name doesn't mean you are anonymous.

If you think another member is being disruptive or acting in breach of these guidelines, alert a moderator or administrator via PM and explain why you think they are being disruptive.

Now, all that being said, have a look around, contribute to any threads that you find interesting, and most importantly, have fun.

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Posting Guidelines
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