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 Ooh what a look hehe

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PostSubject: Ooh what a look hehe   Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:17 am

The core of gothic fashion is individual taste, as gothic culture generally attempts to subvert mainstream conventions of how one must look. Anti-mainstream fashion sentiment is not its prevalent theme, however, nor is this attitude shared by all members of the subculture.

While recurrent themes can be identified, many different and highly unique outfits can be witnessed at events like the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig and the Whitby Gothic Weekend in North Yorkshire, England, where the color palette ranges across the spectrum from head-to-toe white to all-black. Between those two extremes, anything goes, be it modern, classic, conservative or ragged.

The simplicity of the style lends itself to variation, and is often combined with elements of other styles (typically BDSM fashion).

Various piercings and/or tattoos are not uncommon (though this is primarily a 1990s addition to gothic fashion), and both males and females may wear elaborate makeup.

Hair is often dyed blue-black, and sometimes backcombed to give it a large, ratty appearance. There are a few similarities between goth fashion and the more masculine black metal fashion, which can make it difficult for someone unfamiliar with either fashion to discern the subculture of the individual. Like the punk subculture out of which it grew, early goth fashion had a strong emphasis on the DIY ethic.

The historically-inspired side of the subculture, often involving chiffon petticoats, antique lace, intricate brocades, and corsetry that imitate 19th Century fashion and fabrics, is another prominent style of gothic fashion. This is sometimes known as "romantic goth" or "romantigoth". Most variants of gothic fashion incorporate some facet of this classic style.

For women, Goth fashion embraces all body types, unlike mainstream fashion that relies on a hierarchy of beauty superiority based on body and hair type. Goth fashion privileges voluptuousness, sensuality and sexuality through its referral to fashions and even individuals of other eras that also prized these qualities.

Source: Wikipedia

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PostSubject: Re: Ooh what a look hehe   Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:55 pm

Well, I've always admired the aesthetic from afar, but never thought of applying it to myself, until now. There is a certain elegance in Gothic fashion that you don't see anywhere else. I need a new style, and would like to incorporate elements of Gothic fashion into it. I especially love Victorian hats, tailcoats, vests, etc. So I would sort of like to go in that direction. Mostly black, but also some white and gray. I just saw the movie Sweeney Todd for the first time, and there was one costume in particular worn by Johnny Depp which I thought was spectacular...

Honestly, I wouldn't go for the victorian look. It just screams newbie mall goth.

If I were you, I would just enjoy the music for what it is and if there's something within the scene that you want to appropriate, go for it. But jumping in all the way with nothing to ground it, is going to yield some vicious and laughable faux pas.

Then again, I may be the minority in this. I still find it really weird that a goth would rather listen to Type O Negative long before they'd listen to Sisters of Mercy. But I chalk that up with the fact that goths actually like the idea that a dark and morbid outlook on life and lifestyle trumps the music and it's more of an identity than it is just a collection of people who happen to like spooky rock and roll. In short, it seems these days that goths find it more important to look the part than actually enjoying the music.
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Ooh what a look hehe
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